Thursday, December 10, 2015


What a title!

I am terrorised by Donald Trump.

When he first began his reign of terror people I know and respect found him amusing. From the beginning I saw him for what he is - a demagogue who is sewing the seeds of hatred and playing upon peoples' fears by scapegoating anyone who is not like him (as if he is an ideal because he has made money).

I am having a hard time differentiating between what is labeled an act of terror here in the States versus the all too frequent horrendous mass shootings. What are they if not acts of terror? I just don't understand why people are not terrified of people being able to buy weapons. Something in the American psyche is very off, and this man personifies it.

Wouldn't it be nice if people began to see the fear and hatred they have projected on to him comes from them.

I have unfortunately lived through different bouts of terrorism. When I lived on the kibbutz there was a spate of terrorists coming over the Lebanese border and killing people in their homes, on buses, and children on a school outing. I remember sitting on night duty in the childrens' houses talking to the woman who was on duty with me. What would we do, we wondered, if a terrorist came into the childrens' houses? They would know where to come because we sat in the only rooms with the lights on all night. We wondered whether we could jump out of the window into the bushes, but first we would have to cover the children with blankets and make it look like they weren't there. These were not idle thoughts. The terrorists did come to places where people congregated. The other thing we fantasized about is whether we could invite them in for coffee and maybe talk to them. To hear what they wanted. We wanted to know their thoughts and desires, and to understand their point of view. Mostly we wanted to hear about what they thought they would achieve by killing innocent people they didn't know. But not once did we think about destroying them.

I am scared of the present atmosphere.

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