Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Year's End

2015 is almost over.
I am deliriously happy because it has been raining! Let it rain let it rain let it rain.
At this moment in time I am so enjoying not having to go to work, but today I met a friend at the gym who had gone to see someone in North Richmond and I am reminded that I really do need to write about the children and the struggles their families face. It is so easy to ignore, or to forget amidst the consumer bombardment at this time of the year.And so, I am not big for New Year's resolutions, but I do resolve to go back to my writing.
A really close friend in South Africa has suffered an embolism, so prayers for her recovery. Prayers for all those who are sick in body and in soul. Prayers for the world we live in. Let's continue to care about our fellow travellers.
And - speaking of travel, I am off to India on Xmas day and will be back in 2016!
So happy holidays and a peaceful and healthy new year to one and all.

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