Friday, August 26, 2016

Shrinking World

Since my ongoing purges, and upcoming move, I feel like my world is shrinking around me. My island of sanity is my bedroom, but even that is disappearing bit by bit. Down have come paintings, Amandebele beadwork, family photos - the walls resemble a face that has lost its expression. I gingerly pick my way between boxes. I have had to leave some things out of course; I still need to sleep in my bed, make my coffee, eat, wash, clean - all duties performed on the little island. Last week I was in the swamp of New York City and New Hampshire - despite the unbearably muggy conditions, a very good visit with family and friends and my absolutely delightful great niece!!!!!!! (Did I just say great niece?) My new home awaits me, all sparkling and clean. It looks so lovely I am loathe to put anything inside! Oh well, on to a new chapter.

Thursday, August 4, 2016


I take absolutely no pride in my knowing that this would be happening sometime this year. I felt it in the bone-dry winter. I felt it in the first tendrils of the fog. I knew it when homes on our street began to sell for over a million dollars. I rent an apartment in Albany which has no rent control. I have lived in my lovely townhouse for 20 years - the longest I have lived anywhere in my life. Up to now our rent has been very reasonable, although it is steadily increased each year. Each year I think, OK, still affordable, especially in the light of the sky-rocketing rents all around us. But I knew the day would come .... I am extremely thankful and grateful that, without looking even, I found a lovely affordable place just two miles from my present home. On Friday July 29th I informed my landlord that I would be moving in a month's time. He was pleased for me. Then he said that on Monday August 1st all the tenants will be receiving a courtesy notice to inform them that as of January 1, 2017 the rent will be raised by $355.00! "You can throw that letter away," he said. On Monday August 1st the letter arrived, and I threw it away.