Thursday, August 4, 2016


I take absolutely no pride in my knowing that this would be happening sometime this year. I felt it in the bone-dry winter. I felt it in the first tendrils of the fog. I knew it when homes on our street began to sell for over a million dollars. I rent an apartment in Albany which has no rent control. I have lived in my lovely townhouse for 20 years - the longest I have lived anywhere in my life. Up to now our rent has been very reasonable, although it is steadily increased each year. Each year I think, OK, still affordable, especially in the light of the sky-rocketing rents all around us. But I knew the day would come .... I am extremely thankful and grateful that, without looking even, I found a lovely affordable place just two miles from my present home. On Friday July 29th I informed my landlord that I would be moving in a month's time. He was pleased for me. Then he said that on Monday August 1st all the tenants will be receiving a courtesy notice to inform them that as of January 1, 2017 the rent will be raised by $355.00! "You can throw that letter away," he said. On Monday August 1st the letter arrived, and I threw it away.

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