Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I broke my hand on April 16th. On April 17th a cast was put on and I received a letter from the doctor with dates of my time off work.
A receptionist at the office of the Medical Secretary at Kaiser. informed me that I must submit my claim online. He gave me a form with the websites numbers.
OK, that was one week ago - since then I have been online. The first time I tried there was a message to say the site is down until April 21st, which was Sunday. I tried anyway on that date - site still down. I tried Monday 22nd, filled in the claim form online, clicked submit and received an error notice. I had, to the best of my knowledge,  filled in all the fields correctly, but I tried again, and again, and again - same notice. The notice also proved an 800  number to call - I called, and pressed 1 for English, then pressed every number I was supposed to, all the while receiving a message to go online for faster service. Eventually I pressed the number to speak to someone only to get a message that they have a high volume of callers on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays to Fridays specifically between 10 and 2. If I can't call outside of these times there is a 10 minute wait. I have time, of course, so I waited, only to get a message stating that the maximum number of callers has been reached.
I have tried the entire procedure every day since. I have also left messages for the person in the office at Kaiser. I have also called my work supervisor - nothing. I am met with a stunning response of silence.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr and grrrrrrrrrr and grrrrrrrrrr again!


  1. It sounds as bad as things are here, hours waiting for people to answer, if you get a human being at all!