Sunday, April 21, 2013


First and foremost, I sadly have to tell you all that I fell (a simple trip on a simple hike) and fractured my right arm - near the hand. Distal end of radius which is the long bone in the forearm on the thumb side. (That is a very quick lesson in anatomy.) Thing is, I broke the very same bone in the very same place about 28 years ago and it did not turn out well. Damn, is all I can say.
On the bright side, this unfortunate break gave me the time to get in an independent consultant on the difficulties people have with posting comments.
It turns out that it is really easy - at the bottom of each blog is a little word, 'comments', and next to it an envelope looking thing. Click on the 'comments' word and NOT the whatever that thing is, and up will come a box to leave a comment. If you click on the other thing it causes problems, misunderstandings, etc. and seems to send any remarks into cyberspace where they are forever lost, irretrievable, whirling around without any purpose in the atmosphere.
So dear ones, please leave a comment now to see if it works for you - it did for us.

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