Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Time Thing

"How long were you away?" asked someone.

Just two weeks, in terms of time as we know it. But I must return to my musings on time and space. Indeed, in measured time, two weeks, but in terms of consciousness, eons. And now that I am back I am experiencing that same contraction of time and space. The veils are inevitably thickening again between all that is.
How to measure my time there? It was so wonderful to reunite with my brother, sister, nephew, and niece. We live on 3 different continents, but reunited in India. So helpful for me to experience that new dimension with my sister - my brother has been in it for decades but we are visitors,  and just touch down from time to time, now experiencing it, then gone again.
My sister and I regressed to the comfortable language of our childhood. We used lifts, not elevators, and pressed the button for '0' for the ground floor, and not for '1', like in America. We doned spectacles, and we took snaps of people and objects.
The three of us shared memories of our ancestors and the meandering paths they took. Over shared photos we saw how we share genetic traits, how the bloodlines continue over such disparate paths
My brother and I remembered how we had fought over miscommunications from years past. Silly misunderstandings that flare like a dry bush catching fire and heating the space between us. It was clarifying and healing to uncover these long forgotten artifacts, to dust them off, and bring them to light.
And then I went off on my own, and feel very pleased with myself at having accomplished this, and that I survived!

And no doubt many more bubbles will surface and I will attempt to put them down here.

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