Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Snow Globe continues

I am still floating around, waiting to make sense of whatever these big changes are. At the same time I am seeing new kids, and getting ready to say goodbye to two 'old' ones who will soon be turning three! That is alway hard, when I have been with them for almost three years. I have been privy to most of their lives, and have watched them grow and change. I also get to know the families really well and have shared many special moments with them, and then, goodbye!  (A repetitive pattern in my life as well)

Just after the new year, I leave for Israel. I leave on a Friday so I will travel, hopefully, with 'normal' folks who will not be up to pray at different times during the flight. (Read my blog entry: Strange Flights.)

Of course the situation in the Middle East leaves much to be desired! I can only pray for a good family reunion.

So ... more later, maybe from Israel, maybe not

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