Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cast Free

My cast was removed without undue ceremony a few days ago. The doctor declared the fracture to have healed very well. Of course I am delighted. I am now in a brace and have to do range of motion exercises followed by a strengthening program, but that comes later. Of course my range of motion is not back yet, that will, I know, take rather a long while. However, I am definitely on the road to recovery.
I can drive, and even filled up the car with gas, something that was impossible to do just one week ago.
What a strange blur this time has been - it will have been two months by the time I return to work!
The disability 'issue' resolved after 5 weeks. I do NOT want to go through that again.
I managed to listen to the tapes of a 8 hour seminar I was unable to attend and sent off the test answers last week.
I have read quite a few books, although what on earth possessed me to take a large hardcover book out of the library I don't know. I had seen the film and wanted to read the book, a Swedish thriller "Easy Money" and i saw it in the library and took it out. I have endless books waiting to be read on my really convenient kindle, but no, I decide to shlep a large and heavy book around with me. I must say, these recent Swedish books do not paint a pretty picture of Sweden. I wonder if the gloomy weather has affected their psyches.
I have also seen many movies, and I thinkI am  the only human left who does not have Netflix. I very much enjoy my forays to the neighborhood video store which is still there, and which does have an excellent choice of movies, from classics to  BBC series.
I continue to walk and the gardens continue to bloom, although the roses have already lost some of their initial glory. I now look forward to tending to my little patch of earth in the back of my house.
I do miss my little ones, but am afraid they will have forgotten me by now. For them it is really a case of out of sight, out of mind. Maybe a couple of them will recognise my big black bag of toys even if they do not recognize me!

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  1. I'm so happy for you to be back to your life.