Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I wrote an article about the India trip which has been published in Namarupa Magazine, and I am trying to copy the article on to my blog but I don't know how. Here is a link and I hope it works. Please let me know. There are some amazing photos taken by my brother, so good luck.

PS as you may see, nothing! Because it is not working. I will ask for help, but will also add this to the writing section in my website, so those who want can access it,eventually. Oh, the woes of the technologically challenged.

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  1. nesta, your namarupa essay truly resonated with me, on the eve of my second trip to india, this coming february. indeed, the crucial teaching of learning to suspend expectations, while challenging, also is so important. interestingly, i, too, am of jewish background, and have south african connections...

    again, thank you, so much, for your heartwarming observations, and all best for a joyous and peaceful new year.

    marcie s. gitlin
    washington heights, nyc