Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have a blog on one of my beloved families in progress, but, as ever, like everyone I am pressured for time.

A few short notes: At work we are having a 4.5% pay cut. It could be a lot worse, and the company I work for has handled this in an exemplary fashion. They have been transparent, and caring, for workers and consumers. As we all know, we are going through extremely challenging times.

On a lighter note, I leave on Sunday for my annual trip to Israel. My mom passed away in December and this will be the first time without her, so I have mixed feelings about this trip, but am very excited to see my family there. I doubt whether I will post anything from my travels, so ... I will be back on line in about a month. Thanks for taking your time to read these posts, and of course, any feedback is welcome.

All the best!

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  1. It's always such a pleasure to read you, and I am looking forward to reading about your trip to Israel.
    Why am I the first follower? For sure, being such a bussy person, you have not had time to share it.
    By the way, in case you forgot, Turbina is our gallery in Tepoztlán.